Mappy is an advanced mini-map that includes all the expected amenities of a modern radar tool such as tracking spawns and displaying the player’s location on a map of some sorts.

Yeah yeah, but what makes Mappy different?

Download Mappy 0.1.29: Installer - Zip - [changes]
SVN: Browse

Runs on 2k/Xp/Vista/7; in either 32 bit or 64 bit flavors.
Mappy must be ran in admin mode.

Changes from 0.1.28:

Map Packs

Any FFAssist map pack may be used, including the one used by AP Radar. If you do not have a map pack, grab the latest here: Sean's Map Pack (

Extract the pack wherever you like. Within the preferences dialog on the map tab, point the map pack path to the folder location.

Screen Shots

New Vector Format (with and without depth filtering)

Build maps for zones that are restricted in game:

Hazhalm with all nine chambers

True Alpha Blending

You targetting something:

A red “claim chain” connects an enemy claimed by you or another player:

Targets of other players. An arrowhead with no connecting line next to a player means they are targeting them self.

The RegEx hunt system matching 5 victims:

Linkshell colors ahoy!

Besieged fun:

You can still spam yourself silly: